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Happy Ethiopian New Year!

Inform       Today is Wednesday, September 23, 2020 and day 267 of the year.

Creativity in communities during Covid-19 - 17 September

Informed 7 days ago

Covid-19 has rapidly changed our societies, what role does creativity have in this change?
Join our free event – Creativity in communities during Covid-19 – on 17 September and join the discussion  

World Patient Safety Day, Thursday, 17 September

Informed 2 weeks ago

The second annual World Patient Safety Day will focus on Health Worker Safety: A priority for Patient Safety. Campaign materials will articulate the relationship between health worker safety and patient safety, calling for specific actions needed from governments and health leaders.  

Source:  world health organization

Using the Brain in Business

Informed 2 weeks ago

American Friends of Tel Aviv University Webinar
the Brain in Business
Thursday, September 17, 2020
11:00 a.m.–12 noon Eastern time
With Dr. Moran Cerf. Moderated by Prof. Uri Ashery.  

Source:  American Friends of Tel Aviv University

Sign up now for the newest Science Webinar: Deciphering viral infections

Informed 2 weeks ago

Deciphering viral infections: Mechanisms of the cell-intrinsic innate immune response, FREE WEBINAR:
During the webinar, the viewers will:
1. Learn how infection with viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2, activates the innate immune response
2. Discover how pathogens can evade the innate immune response
3. Gain insight into mechanisms of viral response by the innate immune system
4. Have the opportunity to ask questions during the live broadcast.

Register now!  

Source:  AAAS

ፕሬዝዳንት ሣህለ ወርቅ ዘውዴ በሸገር ፓርክ የምረቃ ሥነ-ሥርዓት ላይ ካደረጉት ንግግር የተወሰዱ ነጥቦች

Informed 2 weeks ago

አዲስ አበባ ይህን ፓርክ ማግኘቷ ስሟንና ደረጃዋን ከፍ ያደርገዋል፡፡
ይህ እና ሌሎች ፓርኮች የከተማይቱንና የሀገራችንን ገፅታ ያስውቡታል፡፡
• ፓርኩ ለበርካታ ዜጎች የስራ እድል ፈጥሯል፡፡
• ፓርኩ ተባብሮ መስራት የሚያስገኘውን ውጤት ማሳያ ነው፡፡
• የሸገር ፓርክ ከመሃል አገር ሳንወጣ ሩቅ ቦታ የተጓዝን የሚያስመስለን ፓርክ ነው፡፡
• ከተለምዶው የተለየ ነገር ማየት አድማሳችንን ያሰፋዋል፡፡
• ይህ ፓርክ በዚህ ፍጥነት ለምረቃ ይበቃል ብዬ አላሰብኩም ነበር፡፡
• በፓርኩ በሚገኘው የአበባ ማፍያ ስፍራ ከዓይናችን ጠፍተው የቆዩ አበቦችን ሳይቀር ማስተዋል ችያለሁ፡፡
• ውበትን መሻት ካለንበት ሀኔታ ጋር አይፃረርም፡፡
• አገራችንን የማስዋብ ጥረታችንን ከሌሎች የልማት ጥረቶቻችን ጋር ጎን ለጎን ካስኬድነው በአጭር ጊዜ የአገራችንን ገፅታ መቀየር እንችላለን፡፡
• በፕሮጀክቱ የተሳተፉ ሁሉም አካላት የላቀ ምስጋና ይገባቸዋል፡፡  

225th Meeting of the National Advisory Dental and Craniofacial Research Council

Informed 2 weeks ago

Please join for the 225th meeting of the National Advisory Dental and Craniofacial Research Council:

Thursday, September 10, 2020
9:30 a.m. to 12:05 a.m. EST
Virtual Meeting

The public agenda will include:

1. Presentations of proposed research initiatives from NIDCR's Division of Extramural Research
2. Presentations on the role of saliva in transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from NIDCR's Division of Intramural Research and the Clinical Center  

Source:  National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

Empowering the Public to Help Solve Biomedical Challenges

Informed 2 weeks ago

Special online events from Scripps Research
Su, PhD
of Integrative Structural & Computational Biology
Thursday, September 10, 2020
1:00 p.m. PT/4:00 p.m. ET

Modern scientific research is primarily performed by individuals with specialized training and as their full-time careers. But in recent years, there has also been rapid growth in "Citizen Science" — engaging the general public as partners in research. In this Front Row lecture, Andrew Su, PhD, professor in Scripps Research’s Department of Integrative Structural & Computational Biology, will discuss recent discoveries that were only possible by leveraging the Citizen Scientist community. He will also highlight the many ways in which you, too, can contribute to cutting-edge scientific research, both at Scripps Research and elsewhere.  

Source:  Scripps Research

Social Enterprise and Jobs Creation in Sub Saharan Africa Report

Informed 2 weeks ago

Social Enterprise and Jobs Creation in Sub Saharan Africa Report 09 September 2020

10 focus countries across SSA including 67 key informant interviews, 44 focus group participants, and 941 completed surveys!
Respondents included policymakers, NGOs, Universities, intermediaries and social enterprises themselves. The video shows some of the findings.
Care to know more? Register to attend the launch webinar  

"የአምባሳደርነት ቀን" በአዲስ አበባ እየተከበረ ነው

Informed 2 weeks ago

"እኔም የከተማየ አምባሳደር ነኝ "በሚል መሪ ሃሳብ የጳጉሜ 3 "የአምባሳደርነት ቀን" በተለያየ መርሃ ግብር በአዲስ አበባ እየታሰበ ነው።
የአዲስ አበባ ከተማ አስተዳደር ም/ከንቲባ አዳነች አቤቤ ቀኑን አስመልክቶ አመቱን ሙሉ በሁሉም ክ/ከተሞች እና ወረዳዎች ፀሃይ፣ ብርድ እና ዝናብ ሳይበግራቸው የከተማዋን ውበት እና ጽዳት ላስጠበቁ ሁሉ ምስጋና አቅርበዋል።
ም/ከንቲባ አዳነች አቤቤ "ሁላችንም አካባቢያችንን እንደምናጸዳ ውስጣችንንም ከቂም፣ ከጥላቻ እና ከበቀል ንጹህ እናድርግ" ሲሉም መልእክታቸውን አስተላልፈዋል።  


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