Your complete prostate health guide

Did you know that many men on “active surveillance can now have fewer biopsies?” Or how a new single-office-visit procedure can bring years of relief from BPH symptoms? Or which proven prostate cancer therapy can lessen the risk of sexual side effects?

With the 2022 Annual Report on Prostate Diseases you’ll know! Now in its fifteenth year of continuous publication. The award winning Harvard Medical School Annual will arm you with the information you need to make the best choices for your condition, your comfort, your expectations, and your priorities. You will read about the MOST significant advances in prostate research with highlights chosen from the many hundreds of medical articles published worldwide in 2020.

The answers you need — from testing to treatment. You’ll learn which treatments are recommended by Harvard Medical School and international prostate experts
— in one book!

Key point: The Annual accepts NO commercial support from any organization — profit or non-profit.

This Annual examines today’s diagnostic and treatment options fully and frankly. It’s the one essential and impartial resource you want before making choices that will impact your hopes and plans, your continued physical health, and your ongoing peace of mind.

Your journey begins with screening. Is the PSA test a thing of the past? The Annual shares the facts and factors to consider. You’ll find how a new alternative to the Gleason scoring system lessens risk of overtreatment and places cancers that do not need treatment in perspective. Plus, you’ll learn about advances — from predictive biomarkers to liquid biopsies — that increase knowledge for both physicians and patients and accelerate precise diagnoses that will lead to more accurate treatments and treatment choices.

You’ll find the treatment options that meet the challenge — and your concerns.

For instance, you’ll read about a refined biopsy protocol that successfully reduces uncertainties in prostate cancer diagnosis and more precisely identifies cancers that need attention.

You’ll discover a hormonal therapy that suppresses testosterone levels within days and minimizes cardiovascular side effects. You’ll learn if you’re a candidate for active surveillance. And you’ll be briefed on what you can do to assure the most successful outcome from nerve-sparing prostate cancer surgery that lessens sexual and urinary side effects.

You’ll learn of the emerging role of immunotherapy for prostate cancers that have spread . You’ll get the facts on today’s latest treatment options for salvage therapy — treatment that may be needed after surgery or radiation.

You’ll discover useful simple steps to ease BPH symptoms. You’ll be alerted to signs it’s finally time to stop waiting and start prostate cancer treatment. You’ll be introduced to a drug that addresses both the “going” and “growing” problems of BPH. You’ll find a novel technique to ease prostatitis pain without medication… options to overcome ED after surgery…the dietary mineral you may want to minimize… and the one step men can take to reduce their risk of prostate cancer by 20%.

From first page to last, your interests are front and center!

Decisions don’t get much more personal than the ones you’re asked to make when you’re diagnosed with a prostate disease. This Annual is written to give direction to those very personal decisions. It is empowering reading and unique in its presentation and readability. It will give you the input you need for the outcome you want. Don’t wait. Order for your copy of the 2022 Annual Report on Prostate Diseases today.  

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