Stand on its head

Stand on its head

There are some simple ways of loosening things up and encouraging creativity. One is to challenge assumptions. Sometimes the assumptions we hold are the barriers to us finding solutions.

Take a few minutes and apply the following technique to an issue in your life. By doing so you challenge the status quo. If your current approach withstands the detailed scrutiny you may be confident that it has some validity. If it is undermined then it may be time to do something else.

(a) Clearly state your challenge or problem.

(b) Make a list of your assumptions.

(c) Be willing to challenge your most valued and fundamental assumptions.

(d) Stand each assumption on its head (reverse it). Write down the opposite of each assumption.

(e) Carefully note any viewpoints that might prove useful.

(f) Make notes on how each reversal would be operationalized. 

Reference: Managing yourself