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Tips for conquering loneliness

Informed 2 weeks ago

1. Connect meaningfully:- with family and friends. Although technology can help foster connections, it is imperfect: social media, for example, has actually been linked to increasing loneliness. Connect in a way that works best for you: whether by phone, via video chat, through a mobile application, or even by talking with your neighbors across the fence or in a park.
2. Be thankful:- Loneliness can lead people to focus on themselves and their hardships. Aim to express appreciation toward friends, family, and strangers.
3. Focus on what you can change:- Spending time dwelling on your current situation can perpetuate loneliness; rather, focus your attention on something within your control and work at it.
4. Enjoy being busy:- Complete a chore, spend time writing, find a new hobby, or just allow yourself to delve into a new activity. Let your creativity shine!
5. Remove negativity:- Surround yourself with people and activities that bring you joy. Consider taking a break from the news, or at least limiting your consumption.
Data suggest that just the act of smiling can make you feel better.
6. Be kind, understanding, and patient:- Work on treating yourself and others with compassion. Engaging in pleasurable interactions can also help those around you, and may result in deeper connections.
7. Develop a routine that provides balance and familiarity:- Create a daily plan that includes physical activity, time for connecting with loved ones, a project or hobby, and a relaxing pleasure.

Source:  Harvard University


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