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How Companies and Organizations Build Credibility and Trust

  10 months ago (Thu, Jun 08, 2023 at 01:11 PM)

How Companies and Organizations Build Credibility and Trust

There are several ways companies and organizations can build credibility and trust. We present eight techniques that are essential in nearly all cases in the following list.

Technique 1. Have an attractive logo, corporate e-mail address, and professional-looking Web site. Prospective customers have a mental image of what real companies and organizations look like. If your logo, Web site, or e-mail address looks amateurish or suspect, the game is up. Always have a corporate .com or .org e-mail address. A Gmail or Yahoo! e-mail address makes a company or organization look amateurish.

Technique 2. Receive media coverage. Display prominently on your Web site the media coverage you’ve received. If you’re new, start by asking bloggers in your industry to cover you. Media coverage is a tacit sign of legitimacy and support.

Technique 3. Obtain expert testimonials. Get expert testimonials and feature them on your Web site and in your literature. An expert doesn’t have to be someone who is famous. If you’re selling surgery-related software, ask a surgeon to test it and comment. If you’re starting a nonprofit to provide a place for at-risk kids to hang out after school, ask the local police chief or a school principal to comment on your service.

Technique 4. Obtain customer testimonials. Ask customers, donors, or recipients of the good or service you provide to test that good or service and then to comment about their experiences. Include their pictures if possible. Positive quotes from real people are often the most persuasive.

Technique 5. Give people a reason to care. Make sure to convey your start-up’s relevance, but don’t use buzz words like you’re “revolutionary,” or “are the industry’s best.” These terms are too slick. Instead, be genuine. Explain in everyday language why your customers or donors should care.

Technique 6. Tell your story. Why do you care? There is nothing that builds credibility and trusts faster than a founder telling the sincere story of why he or she is launching a company or starting a nonprofit. Include your picture and put a real e-mail address next to it.

Technique 7. Have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, or both. Like it or not, people will look for you on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re not there, it’s a red flag. Establish a presence on one or both sites and provide frequent updates.

Technique 8. Tell people how you’ll use and/or protect their money. If you’re a for-profit business, offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re a nonprofit, explain in specific terms how your donor’s money will be spent. 

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