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Once a company decides on its target market, establishes a position within that market, and establishes a brand, it is ready to begin planning the details of its marketing mix. A firm’s marketing mix is the set of controllable, tac... 


Business Idea: Provide a service that stores individuals’ log-in information to important online services like e-mail accounts, social networks, PayPal, and eBay, and deliver them to caretakers in the event of the individual’s death.

Company: Legacy Locker

Business Idea: Provide a service that stores individuals’ log-in information to important online services like e-mail accounts, social networks, PayPal, and eBay, and deliver them to caret... 


New Research Reveals That Couples Who Drink Together Live Longer

A study by the University of Michigan finds that couples who drink alcohol together are likely to live longer, supporting the idea that shared drinking habits can enhance marital satisfaction and longevity.

The couple that drinks together might li... 


New Research Reveals That Couples Who Drink Together Live Longer
Office Productivity Takes a Hit in the Afternoon, Particularly on Fridays

A Texas A&M study shows productivity dips in the afternoon and on Fridays among office workers, advocating for flexible work to boost efficiency and well-being.

An innovative study from the Texas A&M School of Public Health offers objectiv... 


Office Productivity Takes a Hit in the Afternoon, Particularly on Fridays
የነዚህን ሶሥት እንቁዎች አይን ለማብራት እንረባረብ

እናትህ ጀግና ናት!

#Ethiopia | ሦስት አይነ ስውር መንታ ልጆች ያለ አባት እያሳደገች ያለች እናት። ይህቺን ጀግና እናት ተዋወቋት።

ትዕግስት በኮንስትራክሽ... 


የነዚህን ሶሥት እንቁዎች አይን ለማብራት እንረባረብ
Preparing to Raise Debt or Equity Financing

Once a start-up’s financial needs exceed what personal funds, friends and family, and bootstrapping can provide, debt and equity are the two most common sources of funds. The most important thing an entrepreneur must do at this point is determine p... 


Sources of Personal Financing

Typically, the seed money that gets a company off the ground comes from the founders’ own pockets. There are three categories of sources of money in this area: personal funds, friends and family, and bootstrapping.

1. Pe... 


Business Idea: Create a Website and a smartphone app that provides a visual guide to great food and where to find it.

Company: Foodspotting

Business Idea: Create a Website and a smartphone app that provides a visual guide to great food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, users will share where to find their fa... 


Business Idea: Create an online community that links interns (primarily college students) with entrepreneurial start-ups and change-oriented nonprofit organizations.

Company: YouTern

Business Idea: Create an online community that links interns (primarily college students) with entrepreneurial start-ups and change-oriented nonprofit organizations.

Pitch: Int... 


52 Tips for Losing Weight

A Tip a Week

If you add one of these tips a week to your daily routine, in one year you will have developed some very healthy habits!

1. Eliminate one tablespoon of fat a day and you will lose 10 pounds in a ye... 


The Law of Cause and Effect – Everything happens for a reason; there is a cause for every effect.

This is the “Iron Law” of human destiny. This law says that we live in a world governed by law, not chance. It says that everything happens for a reason, whether or not we know what it is. Every effect, success or failure, wealth or poverty, has ... 


Organizing Buying Groups to Cut Costs and Maintain Competitiveness

One challenge that businesses confront is cutting costs in ways that don’t erode their ability to remain competitive. Many cost-cutting techniques, such as scaling back on hiring, lowering marketing expenses, or reducing inventory, may save money b... 


What's In A Business Name?: A Lot Of Trouble If You Aren't Careful


While at first glance naming a business may seem like a minor issue, it is an extremely important one. A company’s name is one of the first things people associate with a business, and it is a word or phrase that wi... 


Vesting Ownership in Company Stock: A Sound Strategy for Start-Ups

If you’re not familiar with vesting, the idea is that when a firm is launched, instead of issuing stock outright to the founders, the stock is distributed over a period of time, typically three to four years, as the founder or founders “e... 


99designs: Making Partnering with Freelancers the Essence of Its Disruptive Business Model

Start-ups typically have a variety of design needs including logo design, brochures, stationery, and business cards. Traditionally the most important design work, like a business’s logo, is either done by the business itself or contracted out to a ... 


Thriving in a Crowded Industry by Creating Meaningful Value and Differentiation from Competitors

Firms do well in a crowded industry when two conditions exist: (1) they create meaningful value for customers at a fair price and (2) they effectively differentiate themselves from competitors. In fact, diminishing the impact of thre... 


Shield your brain from decline

Use the SHIELD acronym to remember the lifestyle habits that will help protect your memory and thinking skills.

We are making encouraging progress in finding medications that prevent or even reverse cognitive decline. Until we get there, however, ... 


Business Idea: Provide musicians a platform to reach out to their fan base to financially contribute to upcoming recordings or other musical projects.

Business Idea: Provide musicians a platform to reach out to their fan base to financially contribute to upcoming recordings or other musical projects.

Pitch: Musicians often have creative ideas for recordings or s... 


Finding the Right Business Partner

One thing that becomes clear to many potential business founders, while conducting organizational feasibility analysis, is that they need one or more partners to help launch their business. You might be a Web developer who has a great idea for a Web ... 


ScriptPad: Interesting Idea—But Will Doctors and Pharmacies Sign On?

To ScriptPad founder and CEO Shane Taylor, the problem his company solves is personal. Taylor’s father, who is fighting both heart disease and cancer, takes 26 different medications to fight his illnesses. Any mix-up or error associated with taking... 


Want Help Fine-Tuning a Business Idea? Find a Mentor

Fine-tuning a business idea isn’t easy. While fairly course-grained ideas are rather easy to develop, like creating a cell-phone that’s designed specifically for elderly people, fleshing out the details is where experience helps. This reality put... 


Working Together: How Biotech Firms and Large Drug Companies Bring Pharmaceutical Products to Market

Large firms and smaller entrepreneurial firms play different roles in business and society and can often produce the best results by partnering with each other rather than acting as adversaries. The pharmaceutical industry is an excellent example of ... 


Learning how to meditate

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and it continues to grow in popularity. This mindful practice can help aid anxiety and depression, chronic pain, cancer, bowel diseases, high blood pressure, insomnia, addiction and so much more.


Learning how to meditate
PatientsLikeMe: Allowing People with Serious Diseases to Connect with One Another and Exchange Support and Advice

PatientsLikeMe: Allowing People with Serious Diseases to Connect with One Another and Exchange Support and Advice


Jamie a... 


How Companies and Organizations Build Credibility and Trust

How Companies and Organizations Build Credibility and Trust

There are several ways companies and organizations can build credibility and trust. We present eight techniques that are essential in nearly all cases in the following list.



Business Idea: Create a single place for music lovers to track or keep up with their favorite bands, so they’ll always know where and when the bands will be performing in their area.

Business Idea: Create a single place for music lovers to track or keep up with their favorite bands, so they’ll always know where and when the bands will be performing in their area.

In addition, create an online platform for c... 



Those who launch or found an entrepreneurial venture have an important role to play in shaping the firm’s business concept. Stated even more directly, it is widely known that a well-conceived business plan cannot get off the ground unless a firm ha... 


Discuss the differences among sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies.

When a business is launched, a form of legal entity must be chosen. Sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies are the most common legal entities from which entrepreneurs make a choice. Choosing ... 


Discuss the differences among sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies.
Airbnb: How Listening to Customers and Iterating the Business Model Helped Shape and Mold a Successful Start-up

Airbnb: How Listening to Customers and Iterating the Business Model Helped Shape and Mold a Successful Start-up



It all st... 


Airbnb: How Listening to Customers and Iterating the Business Model Helped Shape and Mold a Successful Start-up
Components of an effective business model

1. Core strategy (how a firm competes)

2. Strategic resources (how a firm acquires and uses its resources)

3. Partnership network (how a firm structures and nurtures its partnerships)


Six distinct ways of making money online

Six distinct ways of making money online (the way an online company makes money largely defines its business model)

1. Affiliate programs

An affiliate program is a way for online merchants, like 1-800-FLOWERS, ... 



After a firm has gained an understanding of the industry and the target market in which it plans to compete, the next step is to complete a competitor analysis. A competitor analysis is a detailed analysis of a firm’s competition. It helps a firm u... 


Some excellent ways to increase your self-awareness

1. Personal diaries

An excellent way to increase your self-awareness is to keep a diary. In it make a daily note of the important things that happen. Be honest and open with yourself. Be willing to reflect upon your beliefs, thoug... 


Maintaining positive thoughts

• E. G. S. Emotional Guidance System - Your inner guide

It is said that the average human being has approximately 64,000 thoughts per day. Protecting all of your thoughts 24 hours a day can be a full-time job. There is a better way to gauge how ... 



In general, entrepreneurs identify more ideas than opportunities because many ideas are typically generated to find the best way to capitalize on an opportunity. Several techniques can be used to stimulate and facilitate the generation of new ideas f... 


The 3 sources of business ideas

1. Observing Trends

The first approach to identifying opportunities is to observe trends and study how they create opportunities for entrepreneurs to pursue. The most important trends to follow are economic trends, social trends, ... 


The 3 sources of business ideas
Success depends on Well Concentrated Efforts

The Successful Lives Are the Concentrated Lives.  

Concentration means success, because you are better able to govern yourself and centralize your mind; you become more in earnest in what you do and this almost invariably improves your chances f... 


Scientists Reveal Two Simple Words That Can Improve Your Relationship

The research found that greater levels of perceived gratitude protect couples from common stressors such as ineffective arguing and financial problems and promote relationship stability.

• The power of “thank you” – Feeling appreciated by ... 


Scientists Reveal Two Simple Words That Can Improve Your Relationship
Study: People With Depression Are Less Likely To Have Children

Depression is a mental health condition characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and lack of interest or pleasure in activities. It can also cause physical symptoms such as fatigue, changes in appetite and sleep patterns, and di... 


Study: People With Depression Are Less Likely To Have Children
Writing a thank-you note is more powerful than you think

Writing thank-you notes is not just good manners. It can have a strong psychological effect for both the sender and receiver, suggests research published in the September 2018 issue of Psychological Science.

While most people consider showing an ... 


Writing a thank-you note is more powerful than you think
Giving thanks can make you happier

Each holiday season comes with high expectations for a cozy and festive time of year. However, for many this time of year is tinged with sadness, anxiety, or depression. Certainly, major depression or a severe anxiety disorder benefits most from prof... 


Eating Ultra-Processed “Ready-To-Eat-or-Heat” Foods Linked to Premature Death

A new study found that increased consumption of ultra-processed foods was associated with more than 10% of all-cause premature, preventable deaths in Brazil in 2019. This is especially alarming, because Brazilians consume far less of these products t... 


Eating Ultra-Processed “Ready-To-Eat-or-Heat” Foods Linked to Premature Death
Study shows the power of 'thank you' for couples

Gratitude has been a trendy sentiment in recent years – sparking an industry of journals, knickknacks and T-shirts touting thankfulness as a positive force in individuals’ lives.

New research suggests that gratitude from one’s partner may be... 


Mini relaxation technique to overcome grief

Dealing with grief and loss is extremely stressful. During this time it may help to take mini-relaxation breaks. If you have three minutes, try this: While seated, take a break to check your body for tension. Relax your facial muscles and allow your ... 


Mini relaxation technique to overcome grief
Scientists: Put Down Your Devices and Let Your Mind Wander

Taking some time to just sit and think might be far more enjoyable than you expect.

People don’t realize how enjoyable it is to sit and think.

According to research from the American Psychological Association, people often underestimate how m... 


Scientists: Put Down Your Devices and Let Your Mind Wander
Using digital media to relax is related to lower-quality parenting

Caregivers who consume digital media for relaxation are more likely to engage in negative parenting practices, according to a new multinational study.

The new study led by the University of Waterloo aimed to investigate the relationship between ... 


Using digital media to relax is related to lower-quality parenting
Vitamin B6 supplements could reduce anxiety and depression

Taking high-dose Vitamin B6 tablets has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression by new research.

Scientists at the University of Reading measured the impact of high doses of Vitamin B6 on young adults and found that they reported ... 


Cyberbullying puts targeted adolescents at risk for suicide, study suggests

Beyond the many stressors that young adolescents face, being a target of cyberbullying is an independent risk factor for suicide -- above and beyond traditional offline bullying, according to a study released Monday.

That's the finding of a new st... 


Preparing to Raise Debt or Equity Financing

  2 months ago (Thu, Apr 18, 2024 at 06:38 PM)

Once a start-up’s financial needs exceed what personal funds, friends and family, and bootstrapping can provide, debt and equity are the two most common sources of funds. The most important thing an entrepreneur must do at this point is determine precisely what the company needs and the most appropriate source to use to obtain those funds. A carefully planned approach to raising money increases a firm’s chance of success and can save an entrepreneur considerable time.

The steps involved in properly preparing to raise debt or equity financing are:

Step 1: Determine precisely h...   Continue reading ››

Study Uncovers Hidden Heart Risks Linked to Passive Heat Exposure

  19 hours ago

A controlled experiment with healthy young and older adults, as well as older adults with coronary artery disease, demonstrated that passive heat exposure significantly increases myocardial blood flow in all participants. This exposure led to asymptomatic heat-induced myocardial ischemia in some CAD patients. The findings underscore the need for these individuals to minimize cardiac strain during extreme heat conditions.

A study reveals that heat exposure boosts myocardial blood flow and induces ischemia in some with coronary artery disease, suggesting high-risk individuals should a...   Continue reading ››

New Study Clears Dark Chocolate of Health Risks

  22 hours ago

Image name: Woman-Eating-Chocolate-1-777x518.jpg Image size: 14.89 KB  Download.

A Tulane University study has found that dark chocolate poses no adverse health risks for adults and contains beneficial levels of essential minerals. Testing 155 chocolate samples for 16 metals, researchers discovered that only a few chocolates had concerning cadmium or lead levels, primarily impacting children. Despite some high lead levels in specific chocolates, none posed significant risks. Dark chocolate’s nutritional benefits, including high levels of copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc, may even reduce toxic metal absorption. Geographic analysis revealed that South American ...   Continue reading ››

Exercise: An effective prescription for joint pain

  Yesterday at 12:50 PM

Image name: Exercise_1.jpg Image size: 33.63 KB  Download.

Joint pain can rob you of life's simple pleasures—you may no longer look forward to walking your dog, gardening, or chasing a tennis ball across the court. Even the basics of getting through your day, like getting into the car or carrying laundry to the basement, can become sharp reminders of your limitations.

Keep on moving

It is tempting to avoid the motions that cause you pain. But limiting your movements can weaken muscles and make compound joint trouble worse.

And actually movement— in the form of the right exercises performed properly —can be a long-lastin...   Continue reading ››

Why Your Migraines Get Worse When It’s Hot Outside

  Yesterday at 12:39 PM

Image name: Hot-Sun-Migraine-Headache-777x518.jpg Image size: 14.68 KB  Download.

Rising temperatures are linked to increased migraine occurrences, as shown in a comprehensive study.

A recent study involving multiple research institutions found that increases in temperature significantly raise the likelihood of migraine attacks.

The research highlighted the effectiveness of Fremanezumab, a drug that counters migraines by inhibiting a pain-transmitting protein, showing that it can nullify temperature-related migraine triggers. These findings offer potential for broader migraine relief influenced by weather conditions.

Migraine and Temperatu...   Continue reading ››

Harvard Study Reveals: Planetary Health Diet Can Extend Your Life and Save Earth Too

  2 days ago (Sat, Jun 15, 2024 at 12:46 PM)

A study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health highlights the dual benefits of the Planetary Health Diet (PHD), which not only reduces the risk of premature death by up to 30% but also significantly decreases environmental impacts. The PHD, which advocates for a varied diet of minimally processed plant foods with limited meat and dairy, is shown to lower greenhouse gas emissions, fertilizer needs, and cropland use, demonstrating the deep connection between dietary choices and both human and planetary health.

Adhering to the Planetary Health Diet significantly reduces the risk ...   Continue reading ››

Turning Back Time: Study Links Key Nutrients to Slower Brain Aging

  5 days ago (Wed, Jun 12, 2024 at 10:44 AM)

A novel study highlights the critical role of specific nutrients found in the Mediterranean diet in promoting brain health and slowing cognitive decline, providing a foundation for future nutritional interventions.

Participants whose brains aged more slowly had a nutrient profile that was similar to that of the Mediterranean diet.

Scientists have been extensively researching the brain to promote healthier aging. Although there is considerable knowledge about risk factors that speed up brain aging, there is less understanding of how to prevent cognitive decline.

There ...   Continue reading ››

Is “Please” Overrated? New Study Challenges Common Beliefs

  1 week ago (Sun, Jun 09, 2024 at 05:09 PM)

Image name: Young-Girl-Confused-Asking-777x518.jpg Image size: 12.02 KB  Download.

A UCLA study reveals that “please” is often used strategically rather than universally to manage potential refusals, suggesting that real-world politeness depends more on situational context than on rigid language norms.

A UCLA study suggests that using “please” in everyday requests might not be as polite as commonly thought.

A University of California, Los Angeles study finds “please” is used strategically, not universally, to manage expected refusals. Analyzing 17 hours of conversations, researchers discovered “please” in only 7% of requests, mostly to ...   Continue reading ››

Intermittent Fasting May Prevent Liver Cancer, New Research Shows

  1 week ago (Fri, Jun 07, 2024 at 03:11 PM)

Fatty liver disease often leads to chronic liver inflammation and can even result in liver cancer. German researchers found that a 5:2 intermittent fasting schedule in mice can halt this progression, identifying two proteins responsible for the protective effect and noting that an approved drug can partially mimic these benefits.

Drug partially mimics fasting effects.

Fatty liver disease frequently progresses to chronic liver inflammation and may eventually cause liver cancer. Researchers from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the University of Tübingen have ...   Continue reading ››

Advantages of water-based exercise

  1 week ago (Fri, Jun 07, 2024 at 08:33 AM)

Image name: water_based_exercise.jpg Image size: 77.19 KB  Download.

Just like land-based exercise, water aerobics and swimming can be effective strategies for improving cardio fitness, building strength, boosting your mood, easing joint pain, sleeping better, and reducing your risk for diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

In addition, water-based exercise offers some advantages you can't get on land:

Gentler on your joints

Your body becomes buoyant in water.

When in the water, your joints experience less impact, making the pool a welcoming environment for anyone with arthritis or joint injuries. Squats that may...   Continue reading ››

Huge amounts of bird-flu virus found in raw milk of infected cows

  1 week ago (Fri, Jun 07, 2024 at 08:20 AM)

Image name: d41586-024-01624-1_27176770.jpg Image size: 81.35 KB  Download.

Milk from cows infected with bird flu contains astronomical numbers of viral particles, which can survive for hours in splattered milk, new data show. The research adds to growing evidence that the act of milking has probably been driving viral transmission among cows, other animals and potentially humans.

That’s a better scenario for public health than transmission through airborne particles, which would be more difficult to contain. “It’s good news it’s probably spreading by the milking process,” says Martin Beer, a virologist at the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health ...   Continue reading ››

Do You Add Salt to Your Food? It Could Be Increasing Your Risk of Stomach Cancer by 40%

  2 weeks ago (Tue, Jun 04, 2024 at 02:09 PM)

A recent study has linked frequent addition of salt to food with a significantly higher risk of developing stomach cancer in Europe, a risk similar to that observed in Asian populations with high-salt diets. The study, which controlled for demographic, socioeconomic, and lifestyle factors, found that those who often added salt were 39% more likely to develop stomach cancer compared to those who rarely or never added salt.

Link between salt intake and stomach cancer demonstrated in Western countries for the first time

In many Asian nations where high-salt diets are common...   Continue reading ››

Scientists Discover New Health Benefits of Mangoes

  2 weeks ago (Sun, Jun 02, 2024 at 02:41 PM)

Image name: Mango-777x505.jpg Image size: 20.8 KB  Download.

Women of childbearing age (WCA) who incorporate mangos into their diets experience a significant improvement in diet quality and nutrient intake, according to a study analyzing data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The study found that mangos boost the intake of key nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy, such as fiber, folate, and vitamins, while also reducing the consumption of undesirable nutrients like added sugars and saturated fats.

New NHANES study shows that diets containing mangos are linked to improved nutrition and higher Healthy Eatin...   Continue reading ››

10 habits for good health

  2 weeks ago (Sun, Jun 02, 2024 at 10:22 AM)

These strategies can support your wellness journey.

The foundation of a healthy lifestyle consists of lasting habits like eating right, watching your weight, exercising regularly, managing your mental health, and getting routine medical exams. But even daily, small steps toward these goals also can have a significant impact.

Here are some practices that can help support your ongoing health journey. While you might find it unrealistic to follow them all the time, try to include them in your daily life as much as possible.

1. Do a morning stretch

Stretching before ge...   Continue reading ››

Getting started on the path to better balance

  2 weeks ago (Sun, Jun 02, 2024 at 10:03 AM)

Image name: The_path_to_better_balance.jpg Image size: 46.54 KB  Download.

Balance is the ability to distribute your weight in a way that enables you to hold a steady position or move at will without falling. Static balance helps you stay upright when standing still. Dynamic balance allows you to anticipate and react to changes as you move. Both types of balance work to keep your center of gravity—the point at which body weight is evenly distributed—poised over your base of support.

Whether you're moving or standing still, balance requires interplay among several systems: the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), the vestibular system (brain and inne...   Continue reading ››

The Future of Contraception: Scientists Develop Potential Non-Hormonal Birth Control Pill for Men

  2 weeks ago (Sun, Jun 02, 2024 at 09:54 AM)

Image name: Young-Man-Taking-Pill-777x518.jpg Image size: 12.61 KB  Download.

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have developed a promising non-hormonal male contraceptive by targeting a protein, STK33, crucial for sperm functionality. Their study revealed that the new compound, CDD-2807, effectively reduces sperm mobility and numbers in mice without significant side effects, and the contraceptive effect is reversible.

Baylor researchers developed a reversible, non-hormonal male contraceptive targeting the sperm-specific protein STK33, showing effectiveness and safety in mice studies.

In the past six decades, the global population has surge...   Continue reading ››

Why Do Humans Blink So Much? New Research Challenges Traditional Views

  3 weeks ago (Wed, May 29, 2024 at 09:28 PM)

Image name: Blue-Eye-Looking-Up-777x583.jpg Image size: 13.89 KB  Download.

Researchers from the University of Rochester have discovered that blinking does more than keep our eyes moist; it also enhances visual processing by altering the light patterns received by the retina, thereby providing a different kind of visual signal that helps our brain perceive the big picture more effectively. This finding challenges the traditional view of vision, suggesting it involves not just sensory input but also motor activity, similar to other senses.

Researchers discover that blinking is crucial for processing visual information, challenging traditional perspectives on...   Continue reading ››

How Talking to Your Baby in a High-Pitched Voice Boosts Their Language Skills

  3 weeks ago (Mon, May 27, 2024 at 09:51 AM)

Image name: Laughing-Infant-Baby-777x583.jpg Image size: 12.32 KB  Download.

Research indicates that early social interactions, characterized by engaging in “parentese,” positively affect infant language development by enhancing brain activity in areas associated with attention. This foundational study underscores the crucial role of adult-baby interactions in fostering early language skills.

The sight of a parent engaging with their baby is universally touching. Speaking in a melodious, high-pitched tone—often called “parentese”—the parent reacts warmly to the baby’s coos and movements, frequently sharing smiles and making eye contact.

These connec...   Continue reading ››

Mindfulness can help you tame fears and worries

  3 weeks ago (Mon, May 27, 2024 at 09:21 AM)

Image name: Mindfulness_calms_anxieties.jpg Image size: 44.12 KB  Download.

When your day is derailed by fear and worry, you want to try to center your mind and become more anchored in the present moment. Mindfulness techniques can help you do just that. Here are a few techniques to try:

Deep breathing

Breathing is something so natural that we barely think about it. In fact, you breathe about 20,000 times a day without conscious thought. But when you're anxious, your breathing quickens. Purposefully slowing your breaths helps you gain more control over your mental state. The breath, which yogis call "prana," has powerfully calming effects on you...   Continue reading ››

Protecting against cognitive decline

  3 weeks ago (Sat, May 25, 2024 at 12:30 PM)

While there's currently no treatment that can prevent or cure dementia, researchers have identified some factors that may help protect you from cognitive decline.


Exercise offers an impressive array of health benefits. Not only does staying physically active help your brain, it also helps lower your risk of these conditions:

• Heart disease
• Type 2 diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Colon cancer
• Breast cancer

Exercise also helps relieve insomnia, anxiety, and depression. In addition, it may help ward off cognitive d...   Continue reading ››

Your amazing parathyroid glands

  3 weeks ago (Sat, May 25, 2024 at 12:07 PM)

Image name: b216a264-fd62-49be-9b62-ad2b78987bb6.jpg Image size: 50 KB  Download.

These tiny glands are busy with tasks essential to our survival, but most people have never heard of them.

You probably know that you have a thyroid gland. Perhaps you or someone you know has had thyroid tests or a thyroid disorder such as hypothyroidism.

But did you know you also have a parathyroid gland? It's true — in fact, most people have four of them, even though one would suffice.

Where are the parathyroid glands?

From the name, you might assume the role of the parathyroid glands is related to that of the thyroid gland. Well, you'd be wron...   Continue reading ››

New Drug Makes Exercise Easier for People With Common Heart Condition

  3 weeks ago (Sat, May 25, 2024 at 11:25 AM)

Aficamten, an investigational drug, was found to improve oxygen usage during exercise for HCM patients in a Phase 3 trial. The study, involving Oregon Health & Science University, suggests it as a promising new treatment option.

OHSU is part of an international clinical trial studying a potential treatment for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

People with a common heart condition demonstrated significantly improved oxygen utilization during exercise after taking an investigational drug, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This finding was al...   Continue reading ››

The Power of an Avocado – Scientists Discover Simple Trick To Improve Diet Quality

  4 weeks ago (Thu, May 23, 2024 at 01:12 PM)

Image name: Sliced-Avocados-777x518.jpg Image size: 26.15 KB  Download.

New research demonstrates that daily consumption of an avocado can lead to better adherence to dietary guidelines, potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases. The study highlights the importance of simple dietary changes, like incorporating nutrient-rich avocados, in improving overall diet quality.

Consuming an avocado daily could improve overall diet quality, according to a team led by researchers in Penn State’s Department of Nutritional Sciences. Poor diet quality is a risk factor for many diseases, including heart disease, and many American adults have poor diet quality and do ...   Continue reading ››

New Research Indicates That Loneliness Triggers Sugar Cravings in Women

  4 weeks ago (Thu, May 23, 2024 at 12:48 PM)

A UCLA Health study has discovered that lonely women are more inclined to crave high-calorie, sugary foods, demonstrating a link between loneliness, unhealthy eating behaviors, and poor mental health. The research highlights the brain’s role in these correlations and suggests holistic interventions as potential remedies to break the cycle of loneliness and unhealthy eating.

Research indicates that lonely women show heightened brain activity in areas linked to cravings for food.

A recent study by UCLA Health discovered that women who feel lonely show brain activity in a...   Continue reading ››

Scientists Have Discovered RNA That Doesn’t Age in the Brain

  4 weeks ago (Thu, May 23, 2024 at 12:35 PM)

Scientists have found that certain RNA molecules in brain cells, termed long-lived RNAs, can persist throughout an organism’s life, playing a critical role in maintaining genome stability and offering insights into brain aging and potential therapies for neurodegenerative diseases.

Neuroscientists at FAU have discovered that certain building blocks in nerve cells can last a lifetime.

Certain RNA molecules in the nerve cells in the brain last a life time without being renewed. Neuroscientists from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) have now demons...   Continue reading ››

Unlocking Brain Health Through the Science of Nutrition

  4 weeks ago (Wed, May 22, 2024 at 10:10 PM)

A new publication from the Gerontological Society of America details how proper nutrition, particularly the MIND diet, can enhance brain function and mitigate the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly. It stresses the importance of tailoring nutritional discussions to individual goals and the increasing need for supplements with age.

Nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining brain health in older adults, with the MIND diet offering cognitive benefits and personalized dietary discussions enhancing overall wellness.

“Insights & Implications in Gerontology: The Vi...   Continue reading ››

What is cognitive reserve?

  4 weeks ago (Sun, May 19, 2024 at 02:51 PM)

You can think of cognitive reserve as your brain's ability to improvise and find alternate ways of getting a job done. It reflects how agile your brain is in pulling in skills and capacities to solve problems and cope with challenges. Cognitive reserve is developed by a lifetime of education and curiosity.

The concept of cognitive reserve originated in the late 1980s, when researchers described individuals with no apparent symptoms of dementia who were nonetheless found at autopsy to have brain changes consistent with advanced Alzheimer's disease. These individuals did not show symptoms ...   Continue reading ››

The pillars of self-care

  4 weeks ago (Sun, May 19, 2024 at 02:48 PM)

Americans are far less healthy than they could be. Six out of every 10 live with at least one chronic disease, according to the CDC. Four in 10 people have two or more conditions. Chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes exact a heavy toll on our collective health and productivity.

In 2018, researchers from Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health analyzed data from the CDC and two long-term population studies—the Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. They found that people who practiced five specific lifestyle habits dramatically...   Continue reading ››

Scientists Uncover Unexpected Hidden Dangers of a Common Antibiotic

  4 weeks ago (Sun, May 19, 2024 at 02:42 PM)

A University of Michigan study linked the use of the antibiotic piperacillin/tazobactam in sepsis treatment to a 5% increase in 90-day mortality, underscoring the importance of considering the effects of antibiotics on the gut microbiome when treating life-threatening infections.

In emergency rooms and intensive care units nationwide, healthcare professionals must quickly decide on antibiotics for patients suspected of having severe infections. A recent study from the University of Michigan indicates that these rapid decisions could lead to unexpected effects on patient outcomes.

Beginni...   Continue reading ››

Lifesaving Discovery – First Effective Treatment Found for Spitting Cobra Snakebite

  4 weeks ago (Sun, May 19, 2024 at 02:30 PM)

Image name: Black-Necked-Spitting-Cobra-777x518.jpg Image size: 21.69 KB  Download.

A new treatment using the drug varespladib shows promise in effectively preventing tissue damage from African spitting cobra venom, potentially reducing long-term disability and improving treatment outcomes for snakebite victims.

Scientists have developed a pioneering treatment for snakebites that effectively prevents the severe tissue damage inflicted by the venom of African spitting cobras.

Spitting cobra venom is incredibly potent and causes dermonecrosis, which presents as rapid destruction of skin, muscle, and bone around the site of the snakebite, and can lead to permanent injuries...   Continue reading ››

Metformin Unveils Its Hidden Talent in Cancer Prevention

  4 weeks ago (Sun, May 19, 2024 at 01:45 PM)

Image name: White-Pills-Medication-Tablets-777x518.jpg Image size: 10.29 KB  Download.

Metformin, a diabetes medication, has been linked to a reduced risk of developing myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN), according to a study in Blood Advances. The research shows metformin’s potential beyond diabetes management, with its anti-inflammatory properties possibly preventing MPN, a cancer-like condition involving the overproduction of blood cells.

A study suggests that metformin, typically used for type 2 diabetes, may reduce the risk of myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) by leveraging its anti-inflammatory effects to prevent excessive blood cell production. The protectiv...   Continue reading ››

9 tips to boost your energy; naturally

  1 month ago (Wed, May 15, 2024 at 02:19 PM)

Most of us feel we need more energy. In fact, 14% of Americans said they did not have the energy they needed to get things done in one Gallup survey. Fortunately, there are things you can do to enhance your own natural energy levels.

Here are nine tips:

1. Control stress

Stress-induced emotions consume huge amounts of energy. Talking with a friend or relative, joining a support group, or seeing a psychotherapist can all help diffuse stress. Relaxation therapies like meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga, and tai chi are also effective tools for reducing str...   Continue reading ››

Brain Fuel: Stanford Shows Ketogenic Diet Improves Severe Mental Illness

  1 month ago (Sun, May 12, 2024 at 01:33 PM)

Image name: Keto-Ketogenic-Diet-777x518.jpg Image size: 86.78 KB  Download.

A pilot study by Stanford Medicine found that a ketogenic diet improved metabolic and psychiatric conditions in patients with serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, who were on antipsychotic medications. The diet led to significant health improvements, suggesting dietary intervention as a potential treatment method.

A small clinical trial led by Stanford Medicine found that the metabolic effects of a ketogenic diet may help stabilize the brain.

For people living with serious mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, standard treatm...   Continue reading ››

The Sun Isn’t Enough: New Study Revolutionizes Vitamin D Guidelines

  1 month ago (Sun, May 12, 2024 at 12:19 PM)

A new study by Trinity College Dublin reveals significant factors influencing vitamin D levels, advocating for personalized supplementation strategies to effectively tackle widespread deficiencies.

Researchers suggest that their results could be crucial in creating personalized vitamin D supplementation guidelines.

A recent study by researchers from Trinity College Dublin, published in the journal Clinical Nutrition, explores the challenges in maintaining adequate vitamin D levels among various populations. The research highlights the ongoing issue of high vitamin D defi...   Continue reading ››

Microneedle Magic: New Alopecia Treatment Can Reverse Hair Loss

  1 month ago (Fri, May 10, 2024 at 05:41 PM)

Image name: Bald-Man-Looking-at-Mirror-777x518.jpg Image size: 13.97 KB  Download.

Innovative research has led to the development of a microneedle patch that targets alopecia areata directly at the scalp. This new approach avoids the broader side effects of systemic immune suppression. Successful tests on mice have demonstrated significant hair regrowth and reduced inflammation, and there is potential to extend this technology to treat other autoimmune skin disorders.

A new microneedle patch effectively treats alopecia areata by rebalancing the immune response locally, promoting hair regrowth and reducing inflammation without systemic side effects.

Res...   Continue reading ››

Toxic Rides: New Study Reveals Hidden Dangers in Your Car’s Air

  1 month ago (Wed, May 08, 2024 at 10:49 AM)

Image name: Car-Driver-Behind-Wheel-777x518.jpg Image size: 17.64 KB  Download.

Research indicates harmful flame retardants in most personal vehicles, linked to cancer and IQ loss, with calls for urgent regulatory reform to protect public health.

A study reveals that personal vehicle interiors are contaminated with cancer-linked flame retardants due to outdated flammability standards. These chemicals, found in 99% of tested cars, pose significant health risks, especially in warm conditions which increase their concentration.

The air inside all personal vehicles is polluted with harmful flame retardants—including those known or suspected to cause c...   Continue reading ››

4 ways to eat your way to lower cholesterol

  1 month ago (Mon, May 06, 2024 at 10:51 AM)

Image name: fruits_to_lower_cholesterol.jpg Image size: 278.57 KB  Download.

Many people can lower cholesterol levels simply by changing what they eat. For example, if you are a fan of cheeseburgers, eating less meat (and leaner cuts) and more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can lower your total cholesterol by 25% or more. Cutting back on saturated fat (found in meat and dairy products) and trans fat (partially hydrogenated oils) can reduce cholesterol by 5% to 10%.

Here are four steps for using your diet to lower cholesterol.

1. Stick with unsaturated fats and avoid saturated and trans fats. Most vegetable fats (oils) are made up of unsatur...   Continue reading ››

Live Longer: Scientists Discover Method To Offset Effects of Life-Shortening Genes by Over 60%

  1 month ago (Sat, May 04, 2024 at 10:28 AM)

New research indicates that a healthy lifestyle can significantly lessen the impact of genes predisposed to shorten life, potentially by more than 60%. The study utilized data from over 350,000 individuals in the UK Biobank to analyze the effects of genetic risks and lifestyle factors on lifespan. It found that unfavorable lifestyles and genetic predispositions independently increase the risk of premature death, highlighting the importance of healthy behaviors in extending life expectancy, particularly for those at genetic risk.

An unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk of death by...   Continue reading ››

According to Scientists, Making This Simple Dietary Switch Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels by 10%

  2 months ago (Thu, May 02, 2024 at 11:47 AM)

A University of Exeter study demonstrates that substituting meat with Quorn can reduce bad cholesterol by 10 percent and improve markers linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Published in Clinical Nutrition, the research highlights Quorn’s potential in managing cholesterol and enhancing heart health, offering a simple dietary alternative to more complex diet changes like the Mediterranean or vegan diets.

Regularly replacing meat with mycoprotein, like Quorn, can reduce bad cholesterol levels by 10 percent, similar to the effects of adopting a Mediterranean or vegan diet.<...   Continue reading ››

How to silence snoring

  2 months ago (Thu, May 02, 2024 at 10:01 AM)

Snoring by itself is generally harmless,but it can be annoying, especially for your bed partner. Fortunately, you can take steps to alleviate the problem. Start by making lifestyle changes and trying simple home remedies to alleviate the problem. You can also try one of the many products marketed as stop-snoring aids.

But if you snore and you also wake up gasping for air or frequently feel sleepy or tired during the day, you likely have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause hypertension and more serious medical problems. Consult a doctor if your snoring affects the quality of your sleep.

 Continue reading ››

Measuring blood pressure

  2 months ago (Tue, Apr 30, 2024 at 04:45 PM)

Image name: Measuring_blood_pressure.jpg Image size: 41.93 KB  Download.

Because high blood pressure rarely has any warning signs, you might easily be unaware you have it, at least until trouble strikes. That's why it's important to have your blood pressure checked periodically.

Whether you are at the doctor's office or checking your own blood pressure, it's important to take certain steps to get accurate readings.

1. Don't drink a caffeinated beverage or smoke during the 30 minutes before the test. Sit quietly for five minutes before the test begins.

2. During the measurement, sit in a chair with your feet on the floor and your arm supported so your elb...   Continue reading ››

New Research Links Reused Deep-Fried Oil Linked to Neurodegeneration

  2 months ago (Tue, Apr 30, 2024 at 04:31 PM)

Image name: Deep-Fryer-Boiling-Oil-777x518.jpg Image size: 32.11 KB  Download.

A study found increased neurodegeneration in rats consuming reused deep-fried oils, highlighting the health risks associated with this common cooking practice. The research suggests that the consumption of such oils disrupts critical physiological functions and could potentially exacerbate neurodegenerative diseases. Future studies will delve into the broader implications for human health.

A study on animals indicates that consumption of grease interferes with the connections between the liver, gut, and brain.

A recent study revealed increased neurodegeneration in rats a...   Continue reading ››

Severe Morning Sickness: Effective Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment

  2 months ago (Mon, Apr 29, 2024 at 08:51 PM)

Image name: Pregnant-Woman-Morning-Sickness.jpg Image size: 16.38 KB  Download.

Hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe morning sickness, significantly impacts maternal and infant health, and poses considerable healthcare challenges. The review in the Canadian Medical Association Journal by Dr. Larissa Jansen and her team outlines the unknown causes, risk factors like younger maternal age and carrying a female fetus, and emphasizes treatment with antiemetics.

Severe morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, impacts mother and baby health, with current treatments focusing on symptom management and avoiding cannabis.

Hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of...   Continue reading ››

Why Your Face Ages and What You Can Do

  2 months ago (Sun, Apr 28, 2024 at 12:37 PM)

Image name: 123.jpg Image size: 129.08 KB  Download.

Along with the wisdom, experience, and accomplishments that come with getting older, there are changes that occur in our outward appearance. Age affects every nook and cranny of the body. But changes in our faces are at the forefront.

How the face ages

Dozens of changes take place as the years add up, some of them obvious and familiar:

• Foreheads expand as hairlines retreat
• Ears often get a bit longer because the cartilage in them grows
• Tips of noses may droop because connective tissue supporting nasal cartilage weakens.

There are also s...   Continue reading ››

Assessing anger issues

  2 months ago (Thu, Apr 25, 2024 at 06:18 PM)

Because anger is fundamentally a raw emotion, we often don't give it much analysis. But if you believe that you or someone you know has a real anger problem, investigating the origins of anger and how they affect feelings and behaviors can help. Understanding what makes you angry and how you respond won't solve the problem, but those steps will start you on the right path.

Identifying your triggers

Effective anger management is not just about dealing with anger after an outburst. It's much better to prevent an outburst in the first place—by knowing your triggers and be...   Continue reading ››

Prenatal Cannabis Use Linked to Increased Risk of ADHD, Autism and Intellectual Disability in Children

  2 months ago (Tue, Apr 23, 2024 at 08:50 PM)

Prenatal cannabis use is linked to an increased risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in children, highlighting the necessity for awareness and preventive counseling.

A study indicates a strong association between prenatal cannabis use and heightened risks of ADHD, autism, and intellectual disability in offspring, stressing the need for public health education and preventive measures against cannabis use during pregnancy.

A new study presented at the European Psychiatric Association Congress 2024 reveals a significant association between prenatal cannabis use disorder (CU...   Continue reading ››

Can a multivitamin keep your brain healthy?

  2 months ago (Mon, Apr 22, 2024 at 03:48 PM)

A new study suggests that a daily multivitamin might improve memory in older adults.

Millions of people take a multivitamin each day. Some believe it's a sort of insurance in case their diet is missing some essential nutrient. Others believe it will ward off disease by boosting immunity, improving brain health, or regulating metabolism. It's easy to see where these ideas come from: ads tout wide-ranging health benefits, even though most offer little or no evidence to back up the claims.

But research on the health benefits of multivitamins has been mixed at best. This yea...   Continue reading ››

Depression and Heart Disease: Surprising Genetic Ties Uncovered

  2 months ago (Mon, Apr 22, 2024 at 08:16 AM)

A study suggests a genetic link between depression and heart disease through inflammation, indicating that combined medication could prevent heart muscle degeneration.

Research reveals that treating depression and heart disease together could reduce the risk of heart muscle disease.

Coronary artery disease and major depression may be genetically linked via inflammatory pathways to an increased risk for cardiomyopathy, a degenerative heart muscle disease, researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital have found.

Their report, p...   Continue reading ››

5 surprising benefits of walking

  2 months ago (Sun, Apr 21, 2024 at 10:54 AM)

Image name: 5_surprising_benefits_of_walking.jpg Image size: 67.23 KB  Download.

The next time you have a check-up, don't be surprised if your doctor hands you a prescription to walk. Yes, this simple activity that you've been doing since you were about a year old is now being touted as "the closest thing we have to a wonder drug," in the words of Dr. Thomas Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Of course, you probably know that any physical activity, including walking, is a boon to your overall health. But walking in particular comes with a host of benefits. Here's a list of five that may surprise you.

1. Counteracts the effects...   Continue reading ››

Fatigue and autoimmune disease

  2 months ago (Fri, Apr 19, 2024 at 04:11 PM)

Having an autoimmune disease can change your life in profound ways. For many people with autoimmune disease, fatigue is the most debilitating symptom.

Why autoimmune disease and fatigue go hand-in-hand is not entirely understood, although inflammation may explain some of it. Other possible factors include pain, poor sleep, inactivity, and depressed mood.

Fatigue differs from the tiredness most people feel after long periods of work or exer¬cise or when they haven't slept well. It's a feeling of constant exhaustion that makes it hard to get through the day, let alone participate in acti...   Continue reading ››

This Common Household Habit Could Be Increasing Your Risk of ALS

  2 months ago (Wed, Apr 17, 2024 at 05:07 PM)

University of Michigan researchers have found that storing chemicals in attached garages increases the risk of developing ALS. This and other findings underscore the need for further research to understand how environmental exposures contribute to ALS and advocate for policy changes to track ALS risk factors more comprehensively.

Chemicals stored in home garages linked to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis risk. These include chemicals found in gasoline and gasoline-powered tools, lawn maintenance products, pesticides, paint, and woodworking supplies.

Over the last decade, re...   Continue reading ››

Having fewer choices can promote happiness

  2 months ago (Tue, Apr 16, 2024 at 03:34 PM)

A comedian used to joke that his mother's menu consisted of two choices: "Take it or leave it."

Though it may sound counterintuitive, having fewer choices can promote happiness. This is because the more options you have, the more opportunities you have to regret the choice you've made. Do you wish you'd chosen a different cellphone? Would you have been better off with a different financial investment or Medicare drug plan option? The more choices there are, the smaller the percentage that seems to be "right."

Simply making choices can be exhausting. In a University of Minnesota study pub...   Continue reading ››

Inhale at Your Own Risk: Even Brief Secondhand Smoke Exposure Increases Risk of Dangerous Heart Rhythm Disorder

  2 months ago (Sun, Apr 14, 2024 at 12:41 PM)

New research indicates that even minimal exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm disorder. The study, involving over 400,000 adults from the UK Biobank, found a progressive increase in risk with longer exposure durations, regardless of the environment. The findings underscore the universal health risks posed by passive smoking and support the need for stricter public smoking bans to protect public health.

According to research presented at EHRA 2024, a scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), even minimal exposure...   Continue reading ››

New Columbia Study Links Pregnancy With Accelerated Aging

  2 months ago (Sun, Apr 14, 2024 at 12:29 PM)

Image name: Pregnant-Woman-Depression_new.jpg Image size: 15.32 KB  Download.

Research from Columbia University reveals that pregnancy accelerates biological aging in women, with multiple pregnancies intensifying this effect. This phenomenon, studied through ‘epigenetic clocks’, was not observed in men, highlighting the unique impact of pregnancy and breastfeeding on women’s biological aging. The findings emphasize the need for increased support for young mothers.

Each additional pregnancy in early adulthood was linked to an estimated acceleration of biological aging by 2.4 to 2.8 months.

A recent study from the Columbia University Mailman S...   Continue reading ››

How to shop for healthier foods

  2 months ago (Fri, Apr 12, 2024 at 05:25 PM)

Focus on sodium, fiber, and added sugars.

When it comes to their diet, men often keep coming back to old favorites. They find a few foods they enjoy and rotate them through their daily meals.

"There is nothing necessarily wrong with that as long as their diet includes plenty of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, and avoids high amounts of processed foods," says Eric Rimm, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health. "But men also should be more mindful about reading food labels when selecting their f...   Continue reading ››

Teenage E-Cigarette Use Linked to Frequent Headaches

  2 months ago (Wed, Apr 10, 2024 at 06:10 PM)

Recent research has identified irregular meal patterns and e-cigarette use as significant factors increasing the risk of frequent headaches among children and teens. The study emphasizes the importance of regular meals and highlights the negative impact of e-cigarettes on headache frequency, suggesting lifestyle changes as potential interventions for headache prevention.

For children and teens, irregular meals such as skipped breakfasts are linked to an increased risk of frequent headaches, according to a new study recently published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy...   Continue reading ››

Scientists Shed New Light on the Anti-Aging Effect of Vitamin D

  2 months ago (Sun, Apr 07, 2024 at 10:48 PM)

New research highlights the anti-aging benefits of vitamin D and its receptor in Drosophila, revealing their significant role in stem cell health and longevity, and providing insights into aging mechanisms.

Adult stem cells play a crucial role in keeping tissue balance, with their diminished functionality tied to aging and related illnesses, affected by the surrounding cells’ environment. Clinical studies in humans have consistently shown a decrease in vitamin D and its receptor levels due to aging and cancer. Despite this, the ways in which the vitamin D/vitamin D receptor (VitD/VDR) pat...   Continue reading ››

4 Distinct Sleep Types Identified, With Unique Impacts on Long-Term Health

  2 months ago (Sun, Apr 07, 2024 at 10:41 PM)

Researchers at Penn State have identified four sleep patterns related to long-term health outcomes, revealing that poor sleep habits are linked to chronic health conditions.

Research reveals four key sleep patterns tied to health, stressing the importance of tailored interventions to enhance sleep quality and reduce chronic health risks.

Poor sleep habits are strongly associated with long-term chronic health conditions, according to decades of research. To better understand this relationship, a team led by researchers in Penn State’s College of Health and Human Develo...   Continue reading ››

Easy Weight Loss and Health Guide

  2 months ago (Fri, Apr 05, 2024 at 04:00 PM)

File size: 383.67 KB  Download

A Guide to Healthy Living

Your Route to Weight Loss 

4 ways to improve focus and memory

  2 months ago (Thu, Apr 04, 2024 at 09:55 PM)

If you find it harder to focus your attention and absorb information as you age, you're not imagining it. Normal aging leads to gradual changes in many skills associated with thinking and memory. In fact, research shows that memory loss begins as early as age 45.

The slowdown in processing can lead to a bottleneck of information entering your short-term memory, reducing the amount of information that can be acquired and encoded into long-term memory.

The good news is that you can improve focus and attention. Try these four strategies to help you tune out distractions and improve your abi...   Continue reading ››

College Students Beware: Taking “Study Drugs” Can Have Serious Consequences

  2 months ago (Thu, Apr 04, 2024 at 09:27 PM)

Image name: Adderall-Drugs-777x515.jpg Image size: 27.2 KB  Download.

Research shows that illicit use of “study drugs” among college students can cause further drug use and worsen mental health, highlighting the need for better education on the risks of drug use on the developing brain.

Abuse of Adderall among college students predisposes them to the use of alcohol, cannabis, and other substances.

Taking “study drugs” like Adderall without a diagnosis is not only dangerous in itself, but can lead to other drug use and a decline in mental health, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.

...   Continue reading ››

Concerning New Study: Millions Are at Risk Using High Arsenic Water for Cooking

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 31, 2024 at 09:13 AM)

Image name: Filling-Pot-With-Water-777x518.jpg Image size: 14.91 KB  Download.

Recent findings from the University of Sheffield highlight the health hazards posed by arsenic-contaminated water, affecting roughly a third of the global population. The study stresses the critical need for updated regulatory standards on arsenic levels in water, particularly in regions with high rice consumption, and outlines effective strategies to minimize arsenic exposure through safer water and cooking methods.

A recent study from the University of Sheffield reveals that water containing arsenic levels exceeding recommended limits could pose a serious health risk to millions.

New r...   Continue reading ››

Dietary salt and blood pressure: A complex connection

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 31, 2024 at 08:58 AM)

Genetic variations play a role in salt sensitivity, which affects your risk of heart disease.

One of the cardinal rules of heart-healthy eating is to avoid excess salt, which makes sense. The average American consumes the equivalent of about 1½ teaspoons of salt per day — about 50% more than the recommended amount. Getting too much sodium (a main component of salt) is closely linked to having high blood pressure.

But on an individual basis, people respond differently to sodium. About a third of healthy people — and about 60% of people with high blood pressure — are salt sensitive,...   Continue reading ››

Revolutionizing Weight Loss: Scientists Uncover New Secrets to Natural Appetite Control

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 31, 2024 at 08:45 AM)

Image name: Obese-Man-Tape-Measure-Fat-777x583.jpg Image size: 12.68 KB  Download.

A new study unveils that Metformin and solid foods raise a natural appetite suppressant, Lac-Phe, offering promising strategies against obesity and type-2 diabetes. This insight into Metformin’s role and the impact of food choices on hunger control opens avenues for novel anti-obesity treatments and dietary guidelines.

In a ground-breaking study, just published in leading international journal Nature Metabolism, scientists from Trinity College Dublin and Princeton and Harvard Medical School share newly uncovered secrets to natural appetite control, which offers promise in the battle again...   Continue reading ››

4 ways to eat your way to lower cholesterol

  3 months ago (Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 09:09 AM)

Many people can lower cholesterol levels simply by changing what they eat. For example, if you are a fan of cheeseburgers, eating less meat (and leaner cuts) and more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can lower your total cholesterol by 25% or more. Cutting back on saturated fat (found in meat and dairy products) and trans fat (partially hydrogenated oils) can reduce cholesterol by 5% to 10%.

Here are four steps for using your diet to lower cholesterol.

1. Stick with unsaturated fats and avoid saturated and trans fats. Most vegetable fats (oils) are made up of unsatur...   Continue reading ››

COVID-19 Had a Much Greater Impact on Life Expectancy Than Previously Thought

  3 months ago (Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 08:55 AM)

A comprehensive study in The Lancet details the COVID-19 pandemic’s severe impact on global life expectancy and mortality, highlighting continued reductions in child mortality and evolving population trends with significant future implications.

A recent study published in The Lancet never-before-seen unprecedented details on the exceptionally high death rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic both within nations and internationally. Regions including Mexico City, Peru, and Bolivia experienced some of the most significant reductions in life expectancy from 2019 to 2021. This research, offering ...   Continue reading ››

“Game Changer” – This Liquid Can Stop Tooth Decay in Young Children

  3 months ago (Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 08:46 AM)

Image name: Open-Mouth-Teeth-Cavities-777x518.jpg Image size: 14.2 KB  Download.

Research funded by the NIH shows that silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is effective in halting tooth decay in young children, marking a significant advance in pediatric dental care. With its potential for FDA approval, SDF could soon provide a more accessible and less invasive treatment option for combating cavities, especially in underserved populations.

A study funded by NIH discovers that the non-invasive use of silver diamine fluoride is more effective than placebo.

A large clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health has shown that applying a topical solu...   Continue reading ››

Scientists Have Identified the Best Healthy Fruit Snack

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 24, 2024 at 06:29 PM)

Research from UMass Amherst shows only three types of fruit snacks are nutritious according to federal guidelines, highlighting the need for healthier snack options and reformulation to reduce added sugars and improve nutritional value.

Ditch the gummies – Research from UMass Amherst reveals that dried fruit tops the chart for nutritional value.

Next time you’re packing lunch for your kid or reaching for a healthy afternoon bite, consider this: only three types of fruit snacks – dried fruit, fruit puree, and canned fruit with juice – meet the latest recommendatio...   Continue reading ››

How to get more fiber in your diet

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 24, 2024 at 06:19 PM)

Image name: Fiber_diet.jpg Image size: 318.29 KB  Download.

Diverticulosis is a very common colon condition in which small pouches form on the colon wall. Most people who have diverticulosis have no symptoms, However, sometimes one of the pouches gets inflamed, usually due to a bacterial infection.

To reduce your risk of getting diverticulosis and diverticulitis, add high-fiber foods to each meal. Aim for up to half your plate to contain some fiber-rich food.

Here are some tips that can help you make the transition to a higher-fiber diet.

• Eat a minimum of three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day.  Continue reading ››

Foods you should eat to help fight inflammation

  3 months ago (Sat, Mar 23, 2024 at 04:04 PM)

Image name: Foods.jpg Image size: 107.77 KB  Download.

We typically think of inflammation as a result of an injury or disease. But diet also plays an important role in chronic inflammation.

This is in part because the foods we eat influence the types of bacteria that populate our gut and their chemical byproducts. While some foods encourage the growth of bacteria that stimulate inflammation, others promote the growth of bacteria that help suppress it. That's why it's important to know which foods have anti-inflammatory properties and which can cause inflammation.

Foods that fight inflammation

• Fruits and...   Continue reading ››

Exercising with knee or hip pain

  3 months ago (Sat, Mar 23, 2024 at 03:28 PM)

If you deal with knee and hip pain, it may be time to up your exercise game. More than just a good health habit, exercise is also an effective treatment for many knee and hip problems. And exercises that can strengthen muscles supporting knees and hips can be especially helpful.

Strong muscles around a damaged knee or hip can help support a joint by taking over some of its responsibilities. For example, your hips will have an easier time supporting your body weight if your quadriceps, gluteals, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles are strong. And strong quadriceps and hamstrings can take over ...   Continue reading ››

New Study: Short-Term Exposure to Air Pollution Is Killing Over a Million People Each Year

  3 months ago (Fri, Mar 22, 2024 at 09:39 PM)

A groundbreaking study highlights that short-term exposure to PM2.5 air pollution causes over one million deaths globally each year, with the highest impact in Eastern Asia. It calls for urgent targeted interventions to reduce the health risks associated with air pollution spikes.

Annually, over a million deaths worldwide are associated with short-term exposure (ranging from hours to days) to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the air.

Every year, over one million people worldwide lose their lives due to short-term exposure (ranging from hours to days) to fine particula...   Continue reading ››

Metformin Danger During Pregnancy: Impact on Offspring Brain Development

  3 months ago (Fri, Mar 22, 2024 at 09:30 PM)

Metformin’s safety in pregnancy is questioned after studies show it doesn’t benefit offspring, highlighting the need for alternative treatments and better management of gestational diabetes.

With the rise in gestational diabetes and metabolic disorders during pregnancy, metformin is also being prescribed more frequently. Although it is known that the oral antidiabetic agent can cross the placental barrier, the impacts on the brain development of the child are largely unknown. An interdisciplinary research team from the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke (DIfE...   Continue reading ››

Hitting the activity mark

  3 months ago (Fri, Mar 22, 2024 at 09:09 PM)

Guidelines recommend 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity, but how can you consistently reach this number?

When it comes to staying healthy, just how much exercise is enough? The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, recommend a minimum of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of moderate-intensity physical activity as well as two muscle-strengthening workouts per week. (Alternatively, you also can do half that amount — 75 minutes per week of activity — but at a more vigorous intensity.)

Organizations like th...   Continue reading ››

Protecting against cognitive decline

  3 months ago (Thu, Mar 21, 2024 at 10:11 PM)

While there's currently no treatment that can prevent or cure dementia, researchers have identified some factors that may help protect you from cognitive decline.


Exercise offers an impressive array of health benefits. Not only does staying physically active help your brain, it also helps lower your risk of these conditions:

• Heart disease
• Type 2 diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Colon cancer
• Breast cancer

Exercise also helps relieve insomnia, anxiety, and depression. In addition, it may help ward off cognitive d...   Continue reading ››

Mindfulness can help you tame fears and worries

  3 months ago (Thu, Mar 21, 2024 at 09:56 PM)

When your day is derailed by fear and worry, you want to try to center your mind and become more anchored in the present moment. Mindfulness techniques can help you do just that. Here are a few techniques to try:

Deep breathing

Breathing is something so natural that we barely think about it. In fact, you breathe about 20,000 times a day without conscious thought. But when you're anxious, your breathing quickens. Purposefully slowing your breaths helps you gain more control over your mental state. The breath, which yogis call "prana," has powerfully calming effects on you...   Continue reading ››

No Pills Required – A New Potential Way To Treat Insomnia

  3 months ago (Mon, Mar 18, 2024 at 09:22 PM)

New research introduces ‘Bedtime Window’, a digital CBTi program, as an effective alternative to sleeping pills for treating insomnia and co-morbid conditions, offering significant, long-term improvements in sleep quality and mental health without the need for medication.

Are sleeping pills the only solution for insomnia? Not according to Flinders University’s Dr Alexander Sweetman, who says that using self-guided digital behavioral therapy is an alternative solution that should be considered.

Despite a wealth of evidence supporting the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy...   Continue reading ››

Worrying – Breast Cancer Rates Are Increasing Among Younger Women

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 17, 2024 at 05:18 PM)

Image name: Woman-Breast-Cancer-Pink-Ribbon-Concept-777x437.jpg Image size: 17.8 KB  Download.

Breast cancer diagnoses in women under 50 have increased significantly in the past two decades, primarily driven by estrogen-receptor positive tumors. This research highlights the importance of early detection and the need for targeted prevention strategies, especially for younger Black women and those born more recently, who face a higher risk.

Examining rates based on age, race, and tumor characteristics could guide the development of prevention strategies.

Over the past twenty years, there has been a consistent rise in breast cancer diagnoses among women younger than ...   Continue reading ››

Unlocking the Mystery: How Vitamin A Influences Mental Health

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 17, 2024 at 05:00 PM)

A team from Newcastle University has explored vitamin A’s role in psychiatric disorders, uncovering its importance in neuron connectivity and brain function. Their research, utilizing genetic studies, reveals retinol’s wide-ranging impact on health and paves the way for potential treatment strategies. However, further research is needed to fully understand retinol’s effects, with a cautionary note on its consumption, especially during pregnancy.

A research team from Newcastle has been investigating how vitamin A influences the development of psychiatric conditions.

Professor Murray...   Continue reading ››

Probiotics may help boost mood and cognitive function

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 17, 2024 at 10:33 AM)

Image name: Probiotics.jpg Image size: 96.83 KB  Download.

Probiotics can do more than improve your gut health. They also may indirectly enhance your brain, too.

Research shows that the gut and brain are connected, a partnership called the gut-brain axis. The two are linked through biochemical signaling between the nervous system in the digestive tract, called the enteric nervous system, and the central nervous system, which includes the brain. The primary information connection between the brain and gut is the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body.

The gut has been called a "second brain" because it produces many of the same neurotransmitt...   Continue reading ››

Scientists Discover Simple Way To Prevent Life-Threatening Birth Defects

  3 months ago (Sun, Mar 17, 2024 at 09:59 AM)

A groundbreaking study has shown that adding folic acid to iodized table salt can effectively prevent critical birth defects, offering a simple, affordable preventive measure for global implementation.

A team of international researchers—including experts from the University of Central Florida and Emory University—has proven, for the first time in a field study, that using folic acid-fortified iodized table salt can prevent multiple severe birth defects.

The importance of women having enough folic acid in their bodies before and during pregnancy to prevent permanent and life-threaten...   Continue reading ››

What does it take to forgive yourself?

  3 months ago (Sat, Mar 16, 2024 at 01:34 PM)

Forgiving others is challenging enough. But what if you're the one who's done something wrong?

"It can feel a little odd to say, 'I'm going to pardon myself,'" says Tyler VanderWeele, co-director of the Initiative on Health, Spirituality, and Religion at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

But it's a worthwhile effort: as with forgiving others, self-forgiveness is linked with less psychological distress, including fewer symptoms of depression, according to a 2020 study VanderWeele co-authored in Frontiers in Psychology.

Getting started requires recognizing that no matter ho...   Continue reading ››

Not just good for the soul

  3 months ago (Sat, Mar 16, 2024 at 01:29 PM)

Image name: 1454b652-bc93-4ce8-99f2-9c8957affef.jpg Image size: 120.13 KB  Download.

Science is pinpointing how forgiveness also benefits our brains and bodies.

When Oscar Wilde exhorted us (probably tongue-in-cheek) to "always forgive your enemies, because nothing annoys them so much," the Irish poet and playwright was focused on how others would respond.

But the real benefits of forgiveness might be better viewed with a more selfish eye. Whether we're bitter after an argument with a partner, a misunderstanding with a family member, or a spat with a friend, holding on to anger and resentment can do more than tax our souls — it can harm our health, Harvard experts say....   Continue reading ››

Fatty food before surgery may impair memory in old, young adults

  3 months ago (Sat, Mar 16, 2024 at 01:13 PM)

Image name: 1920_getty-fatty-foods-surgerycopy.jpeg Image size: 115.56 KB  Download.

The study findings suggest foods high in saturated fat, like red meat and full-fat dairy, are best avoided in the days leading up to surgery.

Eating fatty food in the days leading up to surgery may prompt a heightened inflammatory response in the brain that interferes for weeks with memory-related cognitive function in older adults – and, new research in animals suggests, even in young adults.

The study, building upon previous research from the same lab at The Ohio State University, also showed that taking a DHA omega-3 fatty acid supplement for a month before the unhealthy eating and ...   Continue reading ››